The Loss of Respect

Once again, a note to all directed from the keyboarding stylist of the ages: Daniel.

This week in class there was a lot of great material. The highlight for me was from John Jefferson Davis in The Worship and Reality of God. In Chapter 2, he leads off by quoting A.W. Tozer. Tozer was speaking of losing respect of the “Divine Presence.” I love thinking of the Lord as my Friend (for so He is). He is our Best Friend and guides us through our lives unto eternity. However, He is still God. Even though He is our Friend, we are not His equal. And that is where we begin today.

Back in Tozer’s time, he could see that there was a loss of respect for Our Lord. Today it continues. Whether it is TV, movies, books, or other kinds of pop culture (forget about the church for a second), God is openly mocked. There was a time, when censors would not allow the phrase, “Oh my…” because it was disrespectful and just wrong. Now we can turn on Nickelodeon and we hear middle school children (maybe even younger), using the Name of the Lord in vain. It rolls off the tongue and off the shoulder.

In the churches, it is not much better. Just the stuff that I would see and hear in my youth group (and from WORSHIP LEADERS!!!!!!!!!) alone showed such a disrespect and a casualness with God that to this day still shocks me. Is there nothing sacred? Davis continues to make his point stronger by supporting this with quotes from J. I. Packer and Robert Webber. I Liked Webber’s the best. He called what the churches worship approach can be, “Over-familiarity… in the approach to God.”

While we can take joy in the gift of the closeness and the relationship we are allowed to have with our Lord, we must remember His Majesty and His glory.

A perfect example of this is found in Ecclesiastes 5:2b, “…for God is in heaven, and thou upon the earth: therefore let thy words be few.”


One thought on “The Loss of Respect

  1. Hi, Daniel. I agree with you that our amazing, holy Creator God, and his Son who sacrificed himself for our filth, deserve our worship and our respect. Our response to God should be one of awe in His glory, shame in light of His perfection, and total life sacrifice for Him in thanks for what He accomplished for us on the cross. Having said that, we also need to have a deep love for the lost and grace for those who are in the process of learning what it is to be a Christ-follower in this dark world.


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