Good Shepherd Sunday?

Hello everyone! Thank you for joining the fun today. I have really been enjoying my studies at LBC this semester. I’ve done okay for the most part although there is a certain assignment I would love to have back (let the main Reader understand). I totally botched one piece of work beyond belief. Talk about a train wreck. Anyways, this week, the readings led me to a sermon recorded in “A Royal Waste of Time” by Marva Dawn. In Chapter 23, a sermon is laid out and it really was interesting. Three things really stuck out to me:

#1: Good Shepherd Sunday?

I had totally forgot about Good Shepherd Sunday (I hadn’t heard about it in YEARS). Apparently it is the 4th Sunday after Easter. While it is more of a Catholic thing, I was surprised as to my lack of knowledge on it… considering the passages used, are some of my favorites. IE, John 10 and Psalm 23.) As a matter of fact, one of my very first Facebook posts was about John 10: I simply stated that I was very happy to be a sheep.

#2: The Language used by the Preacher.

As I have discussed in previous posts, I strongly believe that reverence for our Lord and Savior has been severely lacking in previous years in both our actions and worship. I’m not referring to my church, I’m saying the church of America as a whole has been irreverent. In the prayers recorded by the preacher in the sermon, The Lord is addressed as “Good Shepherd” and “King of the cosmos.” I think this is awesome.

#3: “Every Tribe” worshiping the Lord.

This is something else that gets overlooked. As the preacher points out, we need to be more welcoming to all the tribes of the earth. He also mentions that we have branched out by incorporating other styles of music into our services. Like the Newsboys song, “He Reigns” declares, “It’s every tribe, every tongue, every nation…” This world-themed praise is clear to see when John the Baptist addresses Jesus, “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the World.”  (John 1:29)

Have a good day, and be blessed in the Name of the Lord.

In Christ,





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