Social Decline

This is not a good world we live in. Abortion is accepted. Homosexuality is advanced. Police are getting shot and people like it for some reason. Movies, TV, and the Internet herald violence and sex at the viewers’ discretion. America is headed down a really bad path and the only hope for the country and for the world, is Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

The studies at LBC this week brought me to chapter 31 of ‘A Royal Waste of Time’ by Marva Dawn. A very small sentence, but no less powerful, read, “Consequently, churches are not trusted for… and eschatology that deals with the reality of social decline.” This really surprised me. Reason being, as Christians, we know where evil came from and we know the way it will all end, how then are other teachings more prevalent in this area?

I feel like an atheist would be in the worst position to answer this question… mainly because he would have to look at the workings of the animal kingdom for answers. This wouldn’t get him very far. Do people ignore the Christian on the problems of evil and the like because we are ignorant to the reality? Probably not. The reason is simple. They don’t like our answers. The world does not like to be told there is One Way to God. The world does not want to hear abortion is murder. The world does not want to hear that homosexuality is a sin. Instead, they want society to be perfect… but leave God out of the equation. Even then they would say that God exists but not the God of the Christians (this is what my boss is like).

All the non-Christian has really propagated is that they want their lives to be perfect, but they want a license to basically do whatever they want. They complain about society and wonder why it is so bad. Then they flock to go see “The Purge.” They say people are deviant and disgusting but then go and vote for marriage “equality” at the polls.

True change will not show up in a candidate. True change will not show up with the next amendment or bill. True change will only occur when people give their hearts to Jesus.




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